Google Authority

As most people know, domain authority and also page authority are essential factors in how Google looks at your site and ranks it in searches. Firstly the difference between domain authority and page authority, or DA and PA if you see results from some tools.

The following tool "Website Authority Checker" will give you your DA and also PA. Below is an example of a site check, notice the number beside the top listing in blue, that number is your DA and PA rating, this number needs to be above 50 to be in the ballpark and of course the higher after that, the better.

What is Online Marketing?

In simple words, it is a plan to ensure your website and social media platforms work and bring more customers in your doors. It ensures that you have a website appealing to the customer, easy to navigate and is a brand that they can trust.

Social Media helps enforce your brand and it is important also to manage your on-line reputation (feedback from your customers).

Do You Know Google?

Google is using hundreds of different ranking factors to rank results: There seems to be no clear single formula, with them mixing the order depending on the search query. Some of the things taken into account when a search term is entered into google: