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Email Marketing Services

Relationships are nurtured by sending the right message. With our email marketing service, we'll fortify that connection.

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Increase Conversations with Email Marketing

Increase Conversations with Email Marketing

Keeping in front of customers isn't enough. Even if your website is ranking well and receiving visitors, the relationship does not begin until you send that first email. That is why email marketing is so valuable to every business.

Email marketing allows you to keep conversations going and reinforce customer relationships, whether you're reaching out to new customers who signed up for your mailing list or reconnecting with old customers who haven't heard from you in a while. Every message sent at the right time provides you with more chances to engage with prospects.

Right Email Marketing

Right Email Marketing

Email marketing isn't something you do once and then forget about. There is a strategy behind it, and we are here to assist you in carrying it out correctly.

Our email marketing service creates messages that are tailored to your audience's persona and brand. Allow our digital marketing experts to demonstrate how to convert conversations into conversions.

A Goal-Oriented Approach to Email Marketing

A Goal-Oriented Approach to Email Marketing

Promoting a new service? Educating customers on a new feature? Providing new brand updates?

A successful email marketing campaign revolves around a company's objectives, and our team is here to ensure that every message you send to customers aligns with your brand's goals.

We design each email with the end goal in mind, ensuring that your messages have the desired impact on your business.

Set up your email campaigns

Do you need help setting up your email campaigns? Let Us Handle It.

Allow our team to handle the setup of your email marketing campaigns. We'll assist you:

  • Create a mailer account for your domain.
  • Divide your target audience into groups.
  • Provide your email's template and content.
  • Schedule your emails at the most appropriate time for your company and audience.

Following the completion of your email marketing campaigns, you will receive a report from us containing metrics indicating the effectiveness of your email marketing

Email Marketing Service Packages Tailored to Your Needs

Want to do it yourself? Or do you want us to do it for you? You get to pick.

Do you mind if we set you up with some templates and leave you to it? There is no problem at all. Or perhaps you don't have the time or resources in-house to manage it and trust that if you leave it to us, we'll complete it in accordance with your lead generation program. Choose between two email marketing service packages:

Self Service

To match your corporate style, a mobile-friendly responsive template is provided.

  • We can also create customized templates for you.
  • Support ticketing system
  • Pay based on the number of subscribers.
  • Unlimited sends at no additional cost
  • You're off!

Fully Managed

We provide strategy advice and work with you to develop an ongoing campaign schedule.

  • We create emails on time and obtain your approval.
  • You provide us with your subscriber list information.
  • We send the emails at the agreed-upon time.
  • We then provide deliverability, opens, clicks, and unsubscribe reports.

Send Emails That Inspire and Motivate Engagement

Send Emails That Inspire and Motivate Engagement

Email Marketing Key Features

Responsive Template

We provide a responsive, mobile-friendly template that matches your corporate style and colors, allowing you to begin adding content immediately.

Custom Email Templates

We design effective, eye-catching email templates that are ideal for your company's newsletters, sales emails, and customer updates.

Campaign builder with drag and drop

With the drag and drop campaign builder, you can quickly modify the layout of your email, with flexible mobile-optimized email templates offering limitless layout options. Text and links are simple to edit, and uploaded images are automatically resized to fit your layouts, eliminating the need for Photoshop or a designer.

Split testing (A/B)

By sending to a small percentage of your subscriber list, you can determine which of two campaign options is the most effective. The winning version is automatically distributed to the rest of your subscribers.

Automation of marketing

When a contact performs an action, such as submitting a form or clicking a link, the automation builder allows you to easily send autoresponders and timed drip campaigns to them. Longer campaigns can be easily created by combining email send actions and delay actions.


Google Analytics and social media integration are included as standard, and the Cyclr visual workflow builder allows you to connect with other marketing automation tools such as SalesForce, Eventbrite, or Shopify to create a marketing automation flow.

Landing Pages

Make customized web landing pages or entire microsites.


At the end of each campaign, comprehensive reports are generated automatically to show delivery, opens, clicks, and the performance of each link. Create reports on subscriber engagement and individual link performance as well.