Google Authority

Google Authority

As most people know, domain authority and also page authority are essential factors in how Google looks at your site and ranks it in searches. Firstly the difference between domain authority and page authority, or DA and PA if you see results from some tools.

The following tool "Website Authority Checker" will give you your DA and also PA. Below is an example of a site check, notice the number beside the top listing in blue, that number is your DA and PA rating, this number needs to be above 50 to be in the ballpark and of course the higher after that, the better.

It might be good at this time to note that the mark is out of 100. To prove this point, look at a high profile company like Supercheap Autos website, it returns a PA of 53 and DA of 59, has 148.882 external links and has been on that URL for 17.9 years. The other useful information we get from this is the number of current social shares, which is 975 at this present time.

Super Cheap

Now let's compare that with one of my clients, whose website has been up for many years. They have a DA of 18 and PA of 26 with 158 external links. Showing that we need to work on getting things done and so firstly we need to set a strategy into place to start moving in the right direction.

Domain Authority

Let us look at their industry first and decide what and how their customers find them.

If they are not existing customers, how would they find this client, website search, is it an industry that uses Social Media? In this case, the customers are senior management roles as a rule. They would not look on social media, but would maybe look on LinkedIn, so this needs noting. Also unlikely is that they would be mobile shoppers, but prefer looking at a larger screen, but any new website would cater for both PC and smaller devices, so both will be covered. Search methods found by a survey of existing customers is that they do google searches.

Setting up a strategy for this is beyond the scope of this blog, but we can look at one of the first tactics we will use, getting better DA and PA.

Just before the first tactic, look at broken links, and in the case of SuperCheap Auto, we see below that they have 46 which is 2% of their connections, we would try to fix these usually, but in the case here, the team may decide the effort is not worth the outcome. In your case, you will see that you can export the results to an excel spreadsheet, allowing you to keep a copy until you have fixed them.

Domain Authority

Testimonials and Reviews

So with our links now right, we move on and look at building our DA and PA results. The most effective way of doing this is to make reliable connections directly to our site. Let's start firstly by making sure our local directory links are up to date. You can get hints on this from an earlier blog we did a few months ago.

Next look at having some newsworthy press releases done throughout six months, review at this stage and look if they are required any longer. Depending on your business, press releases may be a little expensive for the outcome. They are instrumental in moving your authority in the short term, but you will need organic methods in place as well for continued results.

Writing industry blogs is the most effective way of building good authority links to your website. To find out where you can do this, look at Google using the following search criteria:

subject + title

example of this would be home renovations + intitle:"write for us".

This is just a google search string that tells Google to search for any site that is asking people to write for us on the subject of home renovations.

Simple right :)

Domain Authority

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