Do You Know Google?

Do You Know Google?

Google is using hundreds of different ranking factors to rank results: There seems to be no clear single formula, with them mixing the order depending on the search query. Some of the things taken into account when a search term is entered into google:

  • anchor texts of incoming links

  • content depth

  • page load speed

  • mobile responsiveness

  • social signals

  • keyword in URL

  • keyword in content

  • keyword in title

  • website age

  • content freshness

  • quality of page source code

  • user experience

  • quality of inbound links

  • number of inbound links

  • contest of inbound links

  • website authority

  • number of internal links

  • content quality

It is important that you take all these into account when creating content for your webpage. As can be seen in the pie chart, some are weighted more than others, but everything counts and you can be marked down by missing out on some things. This is not done for cleverness but so that the user gets better results for what they are looking for. Creation of your content is very important also taking these things into account, you need to make sure any keywords you use are included in your content, but only in a way that makes the content normal conversation. Gone are the days of loading up keywords or creating backlink farms, google is all over this and will penalize anyone trying these dated techniques. We here at BizzDesign like to use professional content writers to produce the text needed for our client websites. If you would like to create your own content, then please take all these things into account.