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Website Design

Webdesign is the art of the designer to choose the best typography, colour and layout to reflect the website owners message and make it appealing to the potential customer base of the site owner. Web design is a multi-disciplinary job where you need not just the knowledge of design but also what is required in the back end so the developer can achieve the design on the website.

Website Banners

The design of website banners is different from traditional banners, in that they can have calls to action and other non-static sections which are not interactive in the print world. A good Graphic Designer will be able to exploit this extra value for the customer and have the banner designed with a nice user experience where it compelling for them to interact with it.

Social Post Ads

We are bombarded from many different social media platforms with unlimited data and mixed with advertisements. A good Graphic Artist can get your ad to stand out among the other advertising traffic by differentiating it and attracting the customers that the business is trying to find.

Email Newsletter

Newsletters are still an important communication tool for some businesses, and a well-designed Newsletter will appeal to the customers and make reading all the content a breeze rather than a chore. A professionally designed Newsletter will help you highlight important information you need to get to the business customers in an easy to read format. It is important that the branding of the business is the forefront of any design that is done.

Flyers / Brochures

The branding of the business must show anywhere that electronic or print media is used. Your Graphic Designer should take this into account and make sure that your branding rolls through all modes you are contacting with the customer base or potential customers. Print media like brochures, business cards etc have the extra requirement of the Graphic Designer knowing what the Printer requires in way of margins and cut lines. They will of worked with printers before and will know what is reqwuired.