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Why Bizz Design Make a Difference

This would normally be known as "About Us", but I think more important then talking about us is how can we make a difference for you! BizzDesign has evolved firstly from a self need for a professional shopping site for our local computer business and a long standing love of programming dating back to the late 1970's. After completing this project a number of years ago, we found this was a work of passion and something we wanted to share with other businesses.

Staff now offer great designs but know that a pretty website will not bring the customers running, supported by the latest SEO requirements while keeping the customer's wishes at the forefront of the overall design requirements leads to an effective result for clients.

We are able to provide first rate development and hosting in line with our tagline "Affordable Websites" by not having an expensive city office or non product administration staff and receptionist. We are not a "cheap" website creation team, but one that delivers a return on your investment. The money spent by you is not a cost, but rather an investment and like any investment needs a return.

No office means often that it is more convenient for you the customer, we meet with you in your home, business premise or a convenient coffee shop. Make the most of this and contact us today to put your business on the internet with a bang.


BizzDesign has a professional, talented and passionate team with proven expertise in the Search Engine Optimisation field.